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Top tips for restaurant entrepreneurs

The location of a restaurant should be decided through a diligent process rather than a last-minute necessity. The right location can have a permanent effect on the longevity of a business. When considering a property investment, maintaining costs is important. Do not lock yourself into a long-term commitment that ends up being a bad decision.

Choosing the right area

Know your customer and who you expect to visit your restaurant. This will determine the area in which you can start your property search. Once you know your customer, find out how far they will travel to eat at your restaurant. Good food means people will travel. If your restaurant is aiming towards a younger customer, you will need to be based in a town centre with accessible transport links; however, an older customer is more likely to have a car and be willing to drive.

Considering traffic flow will help you to decide on the correct area. A road into town will attract breakfast customers, while a road out of town will appeal to customers who want dinner. Traffic flow around your restaurant is important, as people do not want to return to a place that is difficult to find. A restaurant will need a larger number of parking spaces than other retail outlets. If parking options are a problem, customers will be deterred from returning to your establishment.

Do a needs assessment

Do not fill your retail space with storage areas, such as too many walk in cold rooms from suppliers such as To make the best return on your investment, you need to maximise the money you can get for the square footage. The less storage space you have, the more you can capitalise on your retail space.

Make sure you acquire the restaurant space you need for the clientele you are aiming for. If you expect investors and high-end clients to visit, you need to make sure your surroundings match your menus. There needs to be a balance between acquiring the space you need and acquiring the space you need for the future. A business owner should have a five-year plan, which should be kept in mind when purchasing a restaurant.

Do not rush into purchasing retail space; instead, consider all your options, your customers, and keep your end goals in mind.

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