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Five ways to improve the efficiency of your warehouse

Any company that ships goods to customers wants to make sure these goods are shipped quickly, accurately and undamaged. To do this, they need to get their warehouse operations right, so let’s look at how to do just this.

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1. Use technology

It is almost impossible to operate a successful business today without technology; fortunately, there are some good options for warehouse management. Look for a system that works for you and your customers; for example, can they order from mobile devices or can you use barcodes to manage stock levels?. This will increase the efficiency of your warehouse and make it easier to manage.

2. Think lean

Look at your stock and decide whether it is all needed. If it is surplus to requirements, consider how to reduce or remove goods so that you have just enough for what you need, keeping your costs down and making it easier for you to store stock.

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3. Get organised

An efficient warehouse is an organised warehouse, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Working in this way makes it easier for you to manage your inventory and increases staff productivity. Consider using the 5S method: sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain.

4. Use all available space

When you have a lot of products, you might be tempted to increase the footprint of your warehouse. Before you do, look up and see whether there is a way to increase vertical storage, which has the potential to add to your square footage without the same cost.

If you can build up, think about the type of shelving you might need – one size does not fit all when it comes to maximising warehouse space, so choose a range of different shelving to store your product. Companies that offer industrial shelving Ireland, such as, are a great source of different shelving.

5. Maximise productivity

Take time to look at how your warehouse works and where there are lower levels of productivity. Are popular items stored closer to the package area and to each other, for example, meaning less time spent travelling across the warehouse when an order comes in? By analysing your sales and matching these to the layout of your warehouse, you can significantly increase your company’s productivity.