Small Business

Modern Business Practices to Embrace

Business practices have evolved drastically since the introduction of ecommerce and advances in technology have changed the way we work. How can you make sure you can keep up with the business world today? Here are a few modern business practices you should embrace in order to remain competitive:


Technology has made our lives so much easier in many ways, including the way we conduct our businesses. Technology is not something to afraid of or intimidated by, but a concept to embrace and take advantage of. New technology can help us automate repetitive tasks and leave our employees free to focus on value-added tasks. For example, instead of having a dedicated receptionist sign your visitors in when they arrive, you can use an app like Greetly.

Greetly is a digital receptionist app that can welcome your visitors, notify you of their arrival, print visitor badges, and even receive packages and deliveries on your behalf, all with a few taps on an iPad. To learn more about this innovative iPad receptionist, visit

Treating Your Employees as Your First Customers

Traditional business models typically revolve around profit and growth. Those things are still very relevant today—the customer will always matter. But many companies are now starting to see the value in building caring work environments that foster goodwill between leaders and employees.

Employees that feel valued and respected typically perform better at their jobs, and they naturally tend to be more loyal. An environment that promotes innovation and independent thinking helps employees find their jobs more meaningful and fulfilling. Creating this kind of caring work environment not only benefits your employees, but works for you as well, as they will be more productive and enthusiastic about their work.

Simple ways to make your employees feel valued include providing special benefits and making sure they are physically comfortable at the office with ergonomic furniture, and a well-stocked pantry and coffee machine.

Establish Your Online Presence

In this digital age, establishing an online presence is essential to growing your business. You need to be able to get the word out about your products or services, and the best way to do this is by having an official website for your company. The most important information you need have on it is what products or services you offer, and how to contact you. You can add information about your company and how it started; customers love to learn more about the companies they are considering purchasing from.

It’s important for your website to look professional and to run well so potential customers will take your brand seriously. It’s worth hiring a professional web developer to create a site so that everything looks good and runs smoothly.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media has basically taken over the world. Everywhere you look, people are glued to their smartphones, browsing their various social media feeds, and consuming more content than ever before. Take advantage of this platform by establishing a strong social media presence. Having regularly updated and on brand Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts can go a long way towards significantly expanding your business.

Being present on these platforms also allows you to interact directly with your customers so that you can get real time feedback and find out how you can improve your products and services.

These are just some effective modern business practices to try out today if you want to take your business to the next level. The emphasis is on creating meaningful connections and communication.