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Hazardous Material Removal in Calgary

PCB remediation

If you are undertaking a project that involves disturbing or removal of hazardous materials such as renovation, demolition or remediation, it is critical to involve experts with enough experience in handling such materials. If you are in Calgary and need professional inspection or hazardous material removal services, there are companies which can help. Whether you need the best of lead removal or PCB remediation in Calgary, these companies can meet your specific needs. They normally offer:

1. Calgary Lead Removal

For decades, lead was widely used in making different items such as paint, art supplies, faucets and pipes. However, it was later found to be an extremely harmful substance that can damage your brain, kidneys, the central nervous system, your red blood cells and many other body organs. In case there are chances that your building, structure or property could have materials with lead in them, you should call experts and they will ensure safe and effective removal.

2. PCB Remediation

Ideally, Polychlorinated biphenyls (abbreviated as PCBs) are industrial chemicals that were formally used either as lubricants or coolants in capacitors, transformers and many other types of electrical equipment. And this can largely be attributed to the fact that they are not so easily burned and hence make great insulators. However, they were later found to have adverse health effects, such as liver and skin damage when ingested, inhaled or when there is excessive exposure. If you think your home or business premises may contain items with PCBs, you should call these experts and they will check and remove any of the affected materials in the safest and most effective manner.

3. Asbestos Removal

In the past decades, asbestos was largely used in the construction of different types of buildings due to its flame resistance and durable qualities. However, when breathed, asbestos has been found to pose serious health hazards such as fibrotic lung disease, mesothelioma, lung cancer and even death. And that is the reason why the material is no longer used in construction. If you have an old building that might have asbestos-containing materials, you just need to call these experts and they will inspect and abate the materials. Furthermore, they always dispose of these materials at approved sites where they will not harm the environment or the people around them.

These professionals also offer thorough inspection, testing and effective removal or encapsulation of different types of mould. The highly trained abatement experts at these companies usually use modern equipment to assess, test and safely and effectively remove the affected materials. Whether you need professional PCB remediation, or are looking for Calgary lead removal experts to help you remove hazardous materials from your site, these companies can help.