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How to Spy On Your Competition during Tradeshow Exhibitions

Spy On Your Competition

Tradeshow exhibitions are generally for showcasing your wares, getting leads, and making sales. But tradeshow marketing is also an excellent way to discover stuff about your competitors, so that you can improve on your exhibition, and get more returns. Let us look at some of the ways you can spy on your competition during tradeshow exhibitions:

Exhibition presence

If your competitors appear to be having a busier stand than yours, then they definitely have a stronger exhibition presence than you do. Take a closer look at their stand and see what they could be doing, or the specific things attracting the masses to their stands, so that you can understand what kinds of adjustments you need to make on your own stand to attract more people.

Product and services

Businesses use tradeshow exhibitions to introduce new products and services to the market. Take a walk past your competitor’s stand to see if they are hawking new products or services or if they are still dealing in the same products they used to have in the past.

Booth staff attitude

Sometimes the performance of a tradeshow exhibition booth during shows is determined by the kind of staff manning the booth. If you have similar set up with the competition, but they seem to have a busy booth, then it will have something to do with their staff. A closer look may reveal to you that the staffers are smiling and engaging rapidly with passersby, whereas your staff is not displaying any form of engagement.

The Booth Management

Does your competition have booth managers to assist the staff, or are they monitoring the event offsite via other means, such as social media? Is the management actively involved with the event or the staff seems to be calling all the shots? You may not know without making an inquiry, but it is important to know the level of engagement of the management with the event.