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How to Pick the Right Size Storage Units for Your Property in Oakville

Renting storage units is a viable option for storing excess items to free up space in the office and at home. Self storage in Oakville involves hiring an individual storage unit to store personal possessions in, and only the customer renting the storage units can have access to them. Self storage units provide a secure, dry and convenient option for storing personal belongings when one has limited space in their current premises.

Picking the right size of storage units may prove to be a challenging task for most individuals. It is difficult to determine the amount of storage in Oakville one will need without doing research. Understanding the size options from various companies that offer storage in Oakville is important. This article outlines all the guidelines one should take into account to ensure they pick the right storage unit to fit all their items. Finding the Right Storage Unit Size:

  1. Take an inventory of all the furniture and appliances in a home –

The first step to determining the amount of storage one needs is to determine the items for storage. If an individual has a lot of furniture and other big appliances they need to store, the storage units needed will have to come in a big size.

  1. To cram or not to cram –

If an individual plans on accessing the self storage units they rent frequently, it is advisable not to cram things together, hence more space will be needed to provide ample room for movement. Alternatively, when self storage in Oakville is an option for storing property for months on end with no access needed, cramming items together to save up on space is viable. 3. Use Size Guides – Companies that offer storage in Oakville will most likely have a guide chart their customers can refer to, in order to get a rough idea of the size of storage units they need. Individuals can find many diagrams depicting what items to store in different storage unit sizes.

  1. Gauge the Amount of Space Needed Using a Moving Truck –

Using a moving truck for unit size predictions for self storage in Oakville can help an individual determine the actual storage unit size they will need. Most experts agree that a moving truck is often a size bigger than a storage unit. For instance, if items can fit in a 25-foot moving truck, the storage unit size needed should be 10’x20’ alternatively, for a 15-foot truck, the storage unit size needed ought to be a 10’x10’ unit size.

  1. Visit the Storage Facility –

Before settling for a particular unit size, one should visit the facility and ask to tour a similar storage unit size to the one they plan on renting. This helps paint a picture of how to pack the items in the storage unit and determine whether the size they plan on choosing is the best option. An important note to remember is that whenever you’re in doubt of whether the storage unit is big enough for the items, you should always choose a unit that is a size bigger.


Picking out the right unit size for self storage in Oakville does not have to be a daunting task. With a little research, an individual can easily pick out the right unit size to fit all their belongings with ease.