Temperature in Chilliwack-Sensitive Items That You Can Keep In Secured Storage

heated storage

With the growing popularity of luxury items put in secured storage in Chilliwack, there is equally more demand for heated storage and climate controlled facilities. Below we shall find out some of the items that are popularly stored in the temperature controlled facilities.

1. Art

If you own some valuable pieces of art, then you might want to consider secured storage in Chilliwack. Fine art and paintings could easily expand or shrink, particularly in extreme temperature conditions. In the humid environments, mildew and mould growth could potentially ruin your beautiful artwork. Therefore, you might want to consider heated storage with ideal temperatures of 60-75 fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity.

2. Delicate Paper Items

Magazines, Books, photographs, and comics could easily turn yellowish when temperatures are extreme. However, the ideal conditions should be 35-75 fahrenheit while the relative humidity should be 35%. To prevent fading, the paper items are usually kept away from any light exposure.

3. Electronics

Cameras, speakers, computers, and other electronic items can corrode or grow mould, especially when kept in a place with excess humidity. Electronic items should ideally be stored in a facility for secured storage in Chilliwack that has a temperature of between 50-80 fahrenheit, while the relative humidity should be kept within a range of 35-55%.

4. Delicate Fabrics

Antique toys, upholstered furniture, or clothes easily grow mildew and mould when kept in areas with excess humidity. To prevent this from happening, the items should be kept in storage with temperatures falling within the range of 35-75 fahrenheit and the humidity should be 55% or less.

5. Wine 

Storing wine properly is quite difficult. However, you can ideally store wine in low light storage with temperatures of approximately 55 fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 80%. If you store your wine in an excessively humid environment, then it could age faster than you expect.

6. Wood Furniture and Musical Instruments

Musical instruments and antique wood furniture items do not do particularly well in areas of fluctuating temperatures. The wood items, for instance, will contract in cold temperatures, and in warmer temperatures, they tend to expand. The ideal temperature for storing such items is 55-85 fahrenheit. Relative humidity, on the other hand, should be kept at 30-50%, as this helps to prevent mould growth and wood rot.

7. Vinyl Records

It is important that you store your vinyl records vertically in their sleeves. The records should ideally be stored in heated storage with temperatures maintained within the range of 65-70 fahrenheit. If you choose to keep your vinyl records in secured storage in Chilliwack, they will most likely be kept in an area with 60% relative humidity. Extremely high temperatures will just cause your records to warp, while excessively low temperatures could cause breakage.

When considering secured storage in Chilliwack, you should consider the facilities that can provide a unit that is just right for your highly priced belongings. Choose a provider that can cater to your specific temperature controlled storage solutions. The same applies whether you need heated storage in Chilliwack. The solution should be secure, highly convenient, and perfectly satisfy your business or residential storage needs and requirements.