How Can I Get Help for My Business

When you first start a business it can be on a very small budget. Perhaps you don’t have the funds to outsource and pay as much or almost anything to get the help. Don’t worry, because there are ways to get help inexpensively.


This is a website where people offer their services for just five bucks. There are providers who have moved up the ranks who charge more, but those starting out still are only five bucks. Take a look at their ratings and ask around who is the best one for the services you need.

Your Children

Even young children can help you with your business. Whether it’s data entry, filing, or cleaning the house to free you up to do other things. Older kids can do a lot of amazing things, so don’t discount hiring your own children.

Your Spouse

It might be a hard sell to get your spouse to help you, but they’re usually wonderful sources of work and they can be free, or you can legally hire them as a deduction in your business.

Your Network

If you have joined any networks, whether they are colleagues or not, you can go to them to find people to help you inexpensively. Perhaps you can barter with each other to get things done.

High School Students

You can’t legally use high school students who aren’t family members free, but you can pay them a bit less than you would an expert. Even if they just help you with housework and childcare, that is something that gives you more time to work your business.

College Interns

Local universities and community colleges are great places to find interns to use in your business. This is a highly talented pool of people, especially when it comes to technology. It’s important to know that you do need to pay them something and offer them a lot of education.


You can find inexpensive outsourcers on UpWork. The price will vary depending on where the outsourcer lives and also what their expertise is. Make sure you put up a good proposal and set your budget.

The above ways to get help with your business are tried and true methods that work. You can get help without spending tons of money. You also have to remember that anything that you can get someone else to do is worth it if it costs less than you can earn per hour doing your main service or selling your main product.