Marketing and Advertising

Shaping your marketing and sales

In the ever-changing world of technology, dynamic approaches to sales and marketing have been adopted by cutting-edge businesses the world over. Web-based technologies like social media, email marketing, and direct mail marketing have transformed the way we do business, allowing companies to reach a global audience with a few clicks of the mouse.

While these technology-based sales and marketing tools are relatively new, their use requires a time-honored approach. The best sales and marketing service providers know that the fundamental rules of advertising still apply. SalesFish, a leader in outsourced B2B sales and marketing services, knows that the core values of market research and tailored advertising messages haven’t changed, even if the technology to deliver those messages has evolved. Here’s a look at what makes the SalesFish approach stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Fundamental Sales and Marketing Rules

Marketing is an exciting field, with new technologies, new strategies, and new trends emerging on a regular basis. Still, there are solid fundamentals at play in this industry, and SalesFish believes in combining new ideas with these fundamentals to perform beyond expectations for clients.

Sales and marketing depend on analyzing a given market, determining factors like:

  • Demographic information
  • Communication preferences
  • Technology literacy
  • Unaddressed needs and desires
  • Evaluating competitors, including what those competitors are doing that works and how it can be done differently/better

Smart marketing firms carefully identify and then analyze their target audiences, then develop the initiatives needed to reach them. Marketing is much more cost-effective when those efforts are directed toward a specific group. It is also more effective and more impactful when communication preferences are evaluated; some people prefer direct mail marketing approaches, while others respond favorably to social media campaigns or email marketing efforts. By analyzing target audiences, identifying the information potential customers want or need, then delivering engaging advertising content, the experts at SalesFish can produce results.

Multi-Channel vs. One-to-One Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is the concept of engaging with targeted customers using both indirect and direct communication methods, including emails, newsletters, websites, social media profiles, and direct mail campaigns. One-to-one marketing, on the other hand, seeks to engage with individual customers on a much more personal level, leveraging digital technology and deep data analysis to achieve the desired results. SalesFish uses a blended approach, balancing both marketing modes into the same campaign. The company believes that customers respond better to sales and marketing campaigns when they are given the opportunity to interact. So, in a blended marketing campaign, direct mail or email marketing pitches may be complemented by social media promotion, giving consumers the chance to respond and to interact with the company and its marketing. It is a dynamic, interconnected method that produces incredible results, as it boosts customer engagement dramatically over more traditional campaigns. Having a two-way conversation between a company and its customers (new or existing) can also forge strong relationships and brand loyalty, both cornerstones of long-term success.

Personalizing Marketing with Data-Driven Elements

As mentioned earlier, data analysis forms the critical start of any effective marketing campaign. As SalesFish evaluates target audiences for its clients, it identifies specific elements that can be included in email or direct mail marketing to provide increase engagement. Numerous studies have shown that personalization resonates with consumers – and this goes beyond using a targeted individual’s name to include less-obvious marketing elements like:

  • Images relating to the social status, age, and demographic details of the consumer.
  • Information relating to past purchases, helping to boost relevance.
  • Unique elements like personalized URLs or scannable QR codes, giving customers the option to interact via mobile device wherever they are.
  • Details about social media pages, customer “clubs”, and information resources that help create informed purchases.

SalesFish stands apart from B2B sales and marketing firms with its blended approach, its innovative methods, and its adherence to data analysis and audience identification. By combining technology and time-tested marketing practices, the company’s marketing and sales expertise produce measurable results that help build revenue for clients.