Benefits of Having Union Representation in Burnaby

Cabin crew portrait looking at camera.

A collective union will always work hard to safeguard the rights of every member and empower the members to work with a common goal of bettering the society and the workplace. A union of this nature represents tens of thousands of members working in the public and private sectors, including organizations spread out all over Canada. Such unions additionally help with the creation of collective agreements in Burnaby between employers and trade unions. Here are some of the Burnaby employee benefits of having union representation:

Effective Representation and Employee Benefits

Union representation for professionals is similar to your insurance policy. When you choose to work without any representation from a union, it is possible for your employer to violate terms of your employment contract and you will have no group or individual to fall back on or help you find a resolution to the matter and defend your rights. On the other hand, if you have union representation, you will enjoy collective agreement representation that essentially means you cannot be cheated. The members are served by union stewards whom you can consult at any time if you need issues addressed.

Some union members are elected into office to serve as stewards and councilors in workplaces and act as spokespeople for unions. These individuals are the vital link between the members of the union and the elected officials. The stewards perfectly understand the set conditions included in the collective agreement created between the employers and the various trade unions. These stewards will additionally ensure that the conditions are always met. The stewards speak up for their fellow members in everyday relations between the union and the management of an organization or workplace. Furthermore, they strive to make the workplaces better for members.

Dispute Resolution

If you have any concerns that might not be within the expertise of your job steward or the matter concerns many union members and requires more time for dispute resolution, the issue will be passed on to the specific union representative charged with the responsibility of working on such matters. The union representatives are capable of handling both urgent and complex problems that require quick resolution. These representatives are elected democratically and they include labour lawyers with the capacity to help their union members to realize dispute resolution with fair and just treatment.

Member Education

In the course of the year, job stewards have many educational opportunities. During seminars, the stewards get the opportunity to discuss things in relation to best practices and attain more skills that help them to resolve workplace issues. Through the negotiations and the collective agreements, Burnaby employee benefits can come in the form of funding for education and career development.

Social Events

Social and recreational events that union members, their spouses, and children can participate in are organized each year. These may include parades, skating events, breakfast and much more.

Having membership or being part of collective union representation allows you to enjoy the important benefits mentioned above.