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How to Recruit and Hire Employees for Your Franchise

Entrepreneurs who have been researching the availability of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchises for sale have many questions. One of the most common is how to recruit and hire employees to help operate the business.

Staff personnel are the backbone of any good franchise which makes it so imperative that you hire the best people to represent you and your organization. Without them, you can’t possibly achieve the type of success you dreamed of when you decided to buy into the franchise company.

So now that you understand how critical it is to attract the best candidates for employment, let’s take a look at how to go about the recruitment and hiring of your future staff.

Defining Employment

Each job position for which you are hiring must have a precise job description. That means you need to be able to communicate what the position entails, what will be expected of the candidate should they be hired, and the various requirements that are necessary in order to be considered for that job.

This is all going to come in very handy when you’re creating a help wanted advertisement or posting the job position to any number of employment agencies and hiring websites.

The ad should be simple, straightforward, and specific about what you offering and what you want in the ideal candidate. Without this information, you could get inundated with individuals who aren’t fully qualified to carry out the duties you need to be handled for your business.

Be sure to include other information related to the job, like compensation and any training program that will be mandatory for completion prior to starting work with the company.

Recruitment Methods

There are more ways than ever before to recruit potential candidates. With the advancements in technology and the rise of various websites, social media platforms, and apps there is a nearly endless supply of possible avenues from which to cull future hires.

These are just some of the many options you might consider for getting the word out about your franchise business and the employment opportunities that exist:

Employment Agencies

Sometimes hiring a third party to gather and screen candidates can save you a lot of time and money, even with the fees that such agencies impose on their clientele. But employment agencies offer a very useful service that can help you weed out the majority of unqualified submissions and send you the cream of the crop for review.

Job Websites

There seems to be more new job placement and networking sites popping up every day, but some of the more popular ones have thousands of members (and potential hires) who are looking for employment opportunities just like yours. Some of these sites are free to join and use, others might cost a fee to place your ad but, much like with an employment agency, you’re getting a large number of eyeballs seeing your advertisement at one time.

Professional Colleagues

You wouldn’t believe how many employers find their best staff members as a result of recommendations from their network of friends and colleagues. So feel free to ask around, see if you know anyone who can recommend someone they know to come interview for the job openings you currently have vacant.

College Campuses

Depending on the type of candidates you are seeking, you might try to post your employment advertisement at local colleges and universities. There are usually plenty of college students looking for work and many will seek out even part-time employment to help make ends meet and build work experience for their resume post-graduation.

The Interviewing Process

Once you’ve identified the handful of candidates whom you would consider hiring on, it’s time to schedule meetings with each to discuss the position and their interest in joining your organization.

A good way to start the process is to devise a list of questions that you will address with every candidate. These can be related to the duties of the position, the candidate’s work history, the various items listed on each resume, and any other topics you feel are necessary to cover prior to that person being given the job.

This process can (and should) take time as you don’t want to rush into hiring the first person you meet. Be sure to talk to multiple qualified candidates to ascertain which ones are the best for your organization. Hiring the wrong people can be far more costly to your business than waiting the extra day or week to truly explore who belongs in your employ and who does not.