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Become an Angular 6 Web Developer by undergoing Immersive Live Training from KnowledgeHut

The role of web developers is to build dynamic and superior web applications that run on cloud and are easily accessible to test, deploy and manage at front-end. Master this Angular 6 course that is a Java-based web development framework which made waves in the web development industry. Any web developer, web designer, project manager, the student can learn this open source framework to find a job in the Angular environment to create single-page applications that are robust, scalable with less coding

Expertise your soft skills with advanced technologies of Angular 6 training that help you understand the basic to fundamental concepts of Angular 6. This dynamic framework is popular for its accessibility that makes the web developer build web applications with less coding and makes those apps time efficient and cost efficient.

Enrol to gain foundational knowledge that is need of web development industry. Get trained and certified as Angular Web Developer after successful completion of your Angular course to handle real-world future projects.


Why choose Zeolearn?

Pursue Angular 6 course that provides you with the needed edge to stay ahead of your competitors for building scalable web applications and growth of your organisation. So far, thousands of students and other professionals have benefited from the wide range of courses that are combined with industry experts at the helm. Get the needed edge to upgrade your career and land a lucrative job in top organisations.

They provide comprehensive study material and include interactive practice sessions in their Angular 6 training which is essential to help them understand how to test, deploy and manage their web applications in the industry. They provide 20 hours of immersive led instructor training that includes entire course divided into 29 modules to understand the Angular concepts one at a time to build scalable web applications.


Zeolearn is a globally recognised institution that offers their candidates mentor-driven courses to develop their software development skills. Learn Angular 6 fundamental concepts from scratch and cover its different versions such as 2, 4 and 5 to develop web applications with this full-featured framework, that helps you learn from real-world examples and reach the audiences in real time.


The 20 hours of Angular 6 training is in two modes: online training or classroom training. Their training thus includes hands-on practice sessions, quizzes, test assignments and workshops to gain experience with a theoretical and practical approach that is essential for web developers along with 2 industry case studies toward front-end web application development.

Once the candidate completes their Angular 6 course with 2 live industry based projects that are reviewed by industry experts then students are awarded a course completion certificate. Gain basic to advanced knowledge of Angular JavaScript based web development framework to understand real-life scenarios and set your career in the Angular environment for building dynamic and robust web applications.

Who is benefited after enrolling in this course?

Web development industry is full of challenges and every student to professional is required to keep themselves updated with advanced technology. They should thus enrol in these certificate programs to learn basic to advanced concepts and apply the same in future projects for the success of their organisation.

All the web developers, web designers and project managers can pursue this Angular course that is cutting-edge to establish their career in Angular web application development with instructor-led training for building web applications that minimise coding to run on the cloud. Access and download their e-book for future references.