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5 Reasons Proving The Importance of Waterproofing Your Basement in Winnipeg

For sure, underpinning in Winnipeg will never be the first thing to come into a homeowner’s mind when they consider home improvement. Water found around as well as in the ground under your home can fuel fungi and mould growth. It is, therefore, necessary to include waterproofing whenever house maintenance is being done. Basement waterproofing will always result in a dry and clean crawlspace that is not affected by the soil moisture. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider waterproofing your basement when considering underpinning in Winnipeg.

1. Helps in Increasing Space and Protecting Belongings

There are people who always think of the basement as just an old and musty space for storing their unusable or old items and doing laundry. Actually, the basement accounts for the entire house floor. This is a huge space that goes to waste and not a space you would like to dedicate to mould and bacteria growth. Waterproofing in Winnipeg will help add a tangible amount of protection to your living room and help you in protecting your valuables, like photographs and heirlooms that can never be replaced.

2. Helps in Reducing Energy Output

Crevices and cracks do not help in improving the envelope of a building. The absence of cracks will help keep drafts and cold air out during the winter seasons, increasing energy efficiency. During the wetter and warmer periods, the cracks and seepage in your house’s foundation will most likely cause a high level of moisture to enter your house, forcing the HVAC systems to work harder in order to remove humidity. However, when you perform waterproofing in Winnipeg, you will be able to save on the costs of energy you incur every year.

3. Creates a Healthier Environment

Waterproofing in Winnipeg will help in creating a healthy environment that will protect you from serious long-term health issues. The growth of toxic mould is one consequence of letting basement leaks remain in the lower section of your home. Moulds are known to pose health risks, especially to kids or people with compromised immune systems.

4. Helps in Maintaining Your Investments

Definitely, your home is one of your biggest investments. Underpinning in Winnipeg  is one of the best actions you can always take to ensure the foundation your home stands on increases your home value and strengthens your home structure. You will be able to further increase its market value by showing your home’s basement has had waterproofing services.

5. Helps Create Peace of Mind

Despite the stress often linked to daily health issues, it is just an old excuse for wasting time. You are well aware of the knots your stomach makes whenever the first claps of thunder rattle your house windows when a heavy storm occurs.

Completing work and ensuring your crawlspace area is in good shape can be a tiresome process. However, depending on its current condition, the project can cost you thousands of cash and weeks. Leaving a crawlspace area musty, humid and energy inefficient will result in high utility costs, an unhealthy home and structural damage.