Customer Service

good vs bad customer expericne- What is the difference? Is it impostant?

You may have the world’s best product that is very essential for a customer but if you fail to deliver it to your customer do you think your brand is going to succeed further? Are you providing a good customer experience to your customers? Many of us must have heard a lot about customer experience and many of us must be practicing it well in the day-to-day business as well. But are you all aware of the major difference between a good and a bad customer experience?

The basic difference between a good and bad Customer experience

Let us understand this with the help of a situation.

The employees at Hotel A, regardless of seniority, were encouraged to think on their feet and apply common sense to resolve situations. It wasn’t that nothing ever went wrong at Hotel A, but rather staff members were able to solve problems by themselves. In short, they were given the autonomy to do their jobs to the highest standard. This seems to be a theme with most businesses that are known for their good customer experience.

Conversely, at Hotel B, it became clear that management was the only person applying common sense to situations and making decisions. Because of this, if anything went wrong none of the junior staff members were able to do anything. This created unnecessary drama and angst.

Why Bad Customer Service Occurs

There are a few factors that could have led to this system and they could easily affect your business as well.

  • Junior employees usually do not have as much responsibility or expertise as management or are also not paid enough to make decisions.
  • In the past, junior employees were allowed to make decisions and made poor choices.
  • Not everyone has common sense, so it’s easier to standardize the processes and elect management to make decisions.

How to Maintain Good Customer Service

Personalize your attention.

Hire motivated employees.

Go for customer experience management.

Go for customer retention management.

Ask for customer experience.

What is great customer service?

Great customer service means following best practices like valuing customers’ time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources, but you also take things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations.

End note

From the present piece of article, it is quite clear that one must deliver the best customer experience they can. Not always, but one should avoid delivering a bad customer experience that can lead to a bad influence on your customer’s mind.