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Choosing What You Throw Away and What You Recycle More Carefully

How conscientious are you about what you throw away and recycle? When it comes to how you sort your trash and what to recycle, everyone is different. Perhaps you have a great recycling program in your area and there are provided bins and service to take your recycling and regular garbage collection. Perhaps your options are a bit more limited.


Regardless of your situation, you can always be more careful about what you throw away and what you choose to recycle. If you want to find out more about this topic, read on and find out more so you can be the best at sorting and reduce waste overall so your garbage collection service never has to work harder than they have to by bringing an extra bag of waste to an indoor landfill.


Choosing What You Throw Away and What You Recycle More Carefully

At the end of the day, a lot of materials can be recycled or reused. Many people put a weekly effort into putting the plastic and glass as well as paper, cardboard and more into special recycling bins or finding a place to use it. Others combine all waste together to be taken to an outdoor or indoor landfill. Instead of doing that, follow these tips to try and reduce your waste and recycle or upcycle more.



– Don’t forget to reuse what you can. Many containers can be used for home crafts with the kids or planting a windowsill herb garden. You can use old glass jelly jars as drinking glasses or to hold bottle caps and trinkets. Upcycle what you can and you will waste less and have some new cool things in your life!

– Save your redeemable bottles and cans. You can redeem them to get some extra cash if you need it but it’s a good idea anyway because you can recycle those bottles and cans and keep them from going into the trash for garbage collection in Windsor.

– Place recyclable materials into the recycling bin immediately. It will help you get it done and you won’t have to have that thought in the back of your mind that you need to sort it later or be tempted to throw it in the garbage.

– Bring your own bag to the store. A reinforced cloth or green bag can be purchased in many places, including your local grocery store. This cuts back on the amount of disposable or plastic and paper bags you may require to transport your food. Go green – get a reusable bag or two and bring it with you!

– Be sure to rinse out your bins every so often. This keeps them from getting sticky.

– Use paper bags to line kids’ schoolbooks to protect them. Research ways to use different materials and you may find that you can utilize everything from popsicle sticks to plastic containers in unexpected ways.

– Focus on reducing consumption of packaged materials. Some can be recycled, but buying things at a farmer’s market where not everything is wrapped in something is a good way to go green.

– Start a compost pile. Food can break down and you’ll have great soil for gardening too!