How to Use a Poll Creator to Jumpstart Your Presentation

Presenting in front of a live audience is inherently challenging. There are numerous factors that need to be considered, including how much the audience is actually interested in your presentation. Although there are many methods to engage audiences and make them more present within your presentations, a tried and true method of doing so is through the use of a polls. A poll creator allows you to create live polls for audiences and get their feedback in real-time through a web application or a mobile device, allowing you to integrate interactive activities directly into your presentation. This can increase audience engagement and add a touch of personalization. With that in mind, here is how you can use a poll creator to make audiences delight in your presentation.

Create Different Types of Polls for Different Situations

A good poll creator will allow you to create different types of polls. These include multiple choice, open response, ranked choice, and Q &A.  Additionally, it should be able to read responses in regular text, images, emojis, or even LaTeX syntax for mathematical formulas. As such, a poll creator can engage audiences in a variety of ways.

For example, if you are a professor giving a lecture, a poll creator can allow you to ask all of your students a question at the same time without the need to call on any particular student or exclude everyone. Students will be more engaged if they see their answers to the questions you are posing appear on screen, and it will increase student participation. It will allow you to better gauge where your class is in terms of comprehending your lecture.

Alternatively, a corporate HR lead can use polls to solicit feedback from a team in an anonymous manner. Instead of making specific individual come forth to air their grievances or give specific feedback, an HR lead could create a personalized and anonymous multiple-choice questionnaire sent out to different member of a team so that employees can provide feedback without feeling compromised.

Better Comprehension of Feedback

As stated above, a core use case of a poll creator is to get more comprehensive feedback from your audience. No matter who your audience is, whether they are students, employees, or another form of live audience, an online poll creator can help to get their true feelings or thoughts on a given scenario. Additionally, an online poll creator can help to create a more collaborative atmosphere where teams troubleshoot problems together and create a solution based on the given data. This can help companies to figure out exactly what problems they are trying to solve.

While there are many different uses for an online creator, it is certainly proven that it does help increase audience engagement and participation. Interacting more directly with your audience will help make your presentations more succinct and will allow the audience to feel like they are truly part of the experience. When doing so, you’ll find that you’ll get more feedback on your presentations so that you can improve them in the future and gear them more toward what the audience is looking for.