How to Throw a Great Party

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Throwing a great party is not about the time of the party itself. It’s all about what happens behind the scenes, as any great busy and stressed party planner can tell you. Party planners would know what goes into a great party as well – so if you know any relatives that do this for a living you can always text them and they’ll be able to tell you for sure how many hours of your life are going to go into planning and setting up the event you’re planning.


The first thing that you should do is compose a list. Sit down wherever you feel comfortable in your home or even in a Starbucks or a Tim Horton’s location if that’s where you feel most productive. It’s all about getting those creative juices flowing and thinking about what you need to do and what is going to get done.


This also depends on whether you’re planning this party for someone else’s behalf or throwing it for yourself because the choices that you make will mostly depend on the purpose of the party and why it is being thrown. Maybe it is a birthday party for a young woman of 27, or a party to celebrate a successful quarter for a company. The reasons vary, but they are also going to permeate every single aspect of the party.


Write down what you think that you might need for this type of party. Then evaluate what you’ve put down. Try to think about anything that you may have left out. If planning this party for a client, you can always call them up and ask them what they want and get all of their input. However, if it’s up to you to put it together, you’ve just got to plan a party that matches the purpose and beyond that provide the basics.


So most parties are going to have a basic food and drink menu. That can be appetizers, it can be substantial food, it can be alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. It varies according to the party! Catering and drink vendors must be set up before, as must the venue and any other things such as music, a DJ, an MC, etc.


You may also want to make sure there is a game. Go to the Calgary party store and check out everything from decor to games like darts in Calgary. Having entertainment or little things to add that extra touch is exactly what is needed when it comes to these types of events. Whether you’re looking for party hats, noisemakers, balloons, darts in Calgary, or more, they’ll have everything that you’re looking for.