How to Start a Call Center Answering Service

When it comes to your work, it is always going to be in your best interest if you enjoy doing it, no matter what it may be.  With that being said, when it comes to starting a call-answering service, you will be able to enjoy all of the work that you do, but without the hardships.

Quickest Way to Start a Call Answering Service

One of the most inexpensive and also the easiest ways that you can start your own call answering service, is going to be to keep a separate phone or even a separate phone line, that will be dedicated to one particular client.  Next, mark every one of the phones that you are going to be using for your clients with the name of their company, allowing you to make sure that you are easily able to identify which phone belongs to which company in case it starts to ring.  Each of these separate phone lines is going to run you anywhere between about $150-200 each.

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Now factor in that you will need to handle all of the monthly charges for each of the phones that you are using for your clients, and you are looking at around $50 per phone, per month.  When you are ready to advance to actual telephones to grow your business even more, you can simply go to the store and get them for a very inexpensive price.  Just know that the method of starting a live telephone answering service as outlined above is only going to be effective for less than 10 different businesses.

Once you have 10 or more business paying you for your phone answering services, you are going to need to consider potentially leasing a switchboard from your local phone company.  When you do this, you will have just created a much more space effective phone answering operation.  Moving forward, the switchboard that you are leasing from the phone company will be able to handle however many different businesses that you intend to work for.

Check Your business

Before you go out and start buying new cell phones and numbers, the first thing that you are going to want to do is check with your phone company to really get an idea of how far it is exactly that you will be able to go in this new business venture.  What is meant by this, is that there may be a certain limitation on how many different phone lines that you can have in a certain area, such as if you are doing this business from your home residence.

Residential neighborhoods can potentially have a limited number of phone lines that can be used per house.  If you find that there is a limited number of phone lines in your area, you may want to consider leasing a commercial office where you are able to have as many different phone lines as you would like.  This will allow you to accommodate any number of clients when it comes to building your phone answering service.