How can SEO help multi location business?

Tackling multi-location businesses are somewhat different and challenging and good chance for SEO companies. Their sources and demands vary from small businesses and arise time to time. To tackle obstacles, block roads and problems faced by multi-located businesses, the SEO plan differently.

Here you will get to know why you should get services of SEO for multi location business, will help overcome the challenges and use opportunities come your way. The digital marketing will help businesses to enhance their abilities and capacities to reach their financial goals in shorter time. Digital marketing consists of different programs, such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing and email marketing and many more. When launching multi-location business, SEO strategies will help you overcome the problems and take challenges as big opening to success.

Understanding customer

Understanding customer’s demand influences decision making easier and better. SEO experts can create better marketing program by choosing the interests of client’s customer. The customer can easily describe himself rather than the client. This builds good relationship and trust between both parties.

Multi- located business can spread in different regions and cultures, means consumer using same product but having different perspective. It is necessary to understand the variety of the customer population, what are their needs and choices for the financial growth and development.

Create separate location pages

You can have one domain for all locations, but you still need local SEO for each location to be found on local search engine. Do not share your all locations on one landing page or it will hurt your ranking. Your business can have can one website but allocate different page for each business location to avoid confusion.

Add every necessary information such as;


Location-specific content

Google map

Description of local landmark

Reviews from customers

Images inside business and team members

Location-specific Meta description and title tags

Manage reviews

Most of the customers search online first, the products they want to buy and half of them visit the store within 24 hours on local search. The ratio of people buying from stores after visiting the businesses on their websites have increased from past many years.

When your location shows up on Google, the reviews are shown right beneath your business name. They read reviews and made buying decisions based on them. Positive reviews and their appreciation leave good impact on people. Use tactics to resolve the negative ones.

Focus on Link building

It feels great when another boast about your website. It is possible when back links point to your site. When you have location-specific landing pages, the need to improve each page rank is important in SEO.

You should focus on your each of the pages and develop link-building strategy. To build local links to your pages, you can become a sponsor of local event or host a local event or just meet up at your business location. Having bigger budget, you can think of event sponsorship for your local SEO campaign.

Content marketing

Create unique content page for every location and avoid copying them. It is not easy for because your products and services are the same, but your location and audience is different. By copying content, you can be ‘penalized’.