Get Ready for Your Job Interview

Job Interview

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or recent college graduation, basic interviewing strategies hold true across all levels of positions.  You’re no doubt dealing with a combination of excitement and anxiety about the pending interview. Remind yourself that you are qualified for the position. If your experience level and skill set did not meet the required qualifications for the position, you most likely would not have been schedule for an interview. Realize that the interview is a two way street. Not only is it an opportunity for the hiring manage to ascertain if your character and professional style will be a match for the position and company, it is also an opportunity for you to determine if the company espouses the culture and industry positioning that are conducive to the career growth that you envision. Follow these suggestions from the human resource professionals and career counselors to ensure your interview process is a success.

The most important thing to wear to a job interview is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Select a professional suit or well-tailored sports coat and trousers. Couple this with a solid shirt and you’ll project the professional image critical for a successful interview. Leave the wild hairstyles and excess bling for the weekends. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of professional shoes from the huge selection available from Allen Edmonds. Tone down your hairstyle and makeup; leave the wild nail polish colors for the weekend. First impressions are critical during the interview process. Don’t give the hiring manager a reason to dismiss your candidacy on a trivial matter that you could prevent. Warm eye contact and a strong hand shake will set the stage for a great first impression.

Research the hiring company. Familiarize yourself with all the pages on their website. Make a list of questions as they arise and plan to pose them at the appropriate time during the interview.  Read the reviews left online by customers and employees to get a general sense of the company culture and customer service. Familiarize yourself with their product line and competition.

Finally, if you decide during the interview that this is a position you truly want, let the hiring manager know. Hand-write a thank you note to the hiring manager the same day as the interview reiterating your interest and thanking them for their time. Best of luck to you.