Features and management of knowledge Salesforce

The Salesforce knowledge base is used by employees, customers, and partners to communicate with each other easily. Only the administrator can track comments and provide access to articles. This function is important so that each participant can find the required data as quickly as possible.

Before introducing a product into the system, you should consider a few things:

  • choose an employee who can prepare useful information;
  • appoint a person responsible for editing and publishing articles;
  • choose effective ways to work with prepared content;
  • make a clear description of all processes that relate to publications;
  • consider what kind of data access your community members may need.

Users get the possibility to quickly find the information they need and resolve controversial issues. Thanks to this innovation, employees will be able to communicate directly your customers and partners. In addition, the introduction of a single database will allow the correct use of your work resources.

Characteristics of knowledge in Salesforce

The database consists of a variety of text materials, including helpful articles and answers to common questions. Only those users who appear in the administrator’s lists can get access to the information they need.

While working with the database, you can create unique groups that will be able to view specific publications. Thus, your company or non-profit organization will be able to share information exclusively with interested users.

You can also use separate channels for this. Only 4 of them are of particular interest. Users can be divided into several categories:

  • articles for employees;
  • content for clients;
  • publications for partners;
  • public data.

Among other capabilities of the administrator, it is worth highlighting the “Read Only” function. In this case, access to your publication will be limited, and only registered users will be able to comment on this content. This option will protect your company from unknown commentators on the resource.

Other capabilities of knowledge base in Salesforce

You should choose knowledge base content with care. First of all, you need to make sure that it is relevant and useful for readers. If the material doesn’t meet the listed requirements, it is worth moving it to the archive storage.

Convenient processing of all sources of articles will allow you to select high-quality material and share it with users. By analyzing the content presented, it is possible to reflect the real situation. Fill in the fields with helpful links, and every user will be grateful for that.

Categorizing articles will eliminate confusion. Customers will be able to navigate to the desired section and cope with unexpected difficulties more effectively. In addition, employees are able to specify the category that best reflects the answer to the questions.

It is possible to bypass some of the existing limitations by choosing additional tools. These include a certain number of filled fields when filling out an article or the ability to evaluate the usefulness of your material.

Widespread Salesforce communities examples

The database you’ve compiled will be used by your clients, partners and employees, who are the main examples of communities. Dividing into such categories will allow you to offer users the data that is of particular interest to them.

Access to the necessary sections implies providing information:

  • in different languages, taking into account the requirements of users;
  • with different fields for creating personalized offers;
  • on several platforms at the same time, for better contact with your target audience.

For better management of a single database, you can use the reports offered by the system. Thus, it will be possible to draw conclusions about the real benefits of your content and update it in a timely manner. Studying the data on popular sections will allow you to focus on those articles that your users really need.

Choosing Salesforce knowledge article

Proper use of your database involves exploring the possibilities for their successful application. Divide your content into categories, provide access to your articles, and create a cozy atmosphere for users, regardless of their contribution to your business.

When connecting cloud storage, you should take advantage of additional functionality. For example, improve system flexibility by choosing enhancements or create a custom filtering system. The speed with which your customers and partners receive answers to their queries will convince them that you are interested in working together.

The Salesforce consulting company will help you get acquainted with the available functionality and auxiliary options. Here you will find the support and help you need in the form of lightning knowledge Salesforce applications. Invite community members to rate the posted articles, and get one step closer to them.