A Flawless Inventory and Distribution Plan to Use Your Reusable Bags as a Marketing Tool

If you have finally decided to use reusable bags as your marketing tool then you must read this short article to know, how you should start distributing your bags. Whether you offer them as a free gift to people, or you should sell them and earn your money back? Whether your customers will really bother to buy and pay for them?

All these are great questions, but more important is whether your plan for marketing will succeed or not. Before you try to find the answer to all these questions, you must understand that such printed grocery bags are available with Custom Earth Promos, which is the best marketing tool available today.

They can generate almost 6,000 impressions during their lifetimes, and often may last for years. They can get 1,000 impressions for a single dollar, or less, and can beat out many other kinds of marketing tools, like T-shirts, billboards, and television spots too.

However, while maintaining an inventory of these reusable bags for your business it is important that you must have a proper system in place that really works effectively. If you want to either give away or sell these bags, you must replenish as required and not overstock.

When should you offer free or sell?

First, decide when you must offer these reusable bags as a free gift and when you must sell them. In the following case you must better offer them free:

  • If you are running your brewery or wine Shop
  • At trade fair show
  • If you want to thank people for a job well done

However, in the following cases, you may prefer to sell these bags:

  • If you are running a grocery shop
  • If you are working in a retail
  • If you are going to create packaged goods

The following are a few things that you need to consider to make a proper inventory and distribution plan for these reusable bags.

  1. Begin with an educated guess

If you have been in the business then you can make a rough estimate of the quantity of bags that will be needed for you. Though your estimation may not be fairly accurate so you can start with a certain figure and in due course of time, you will arrive at an exact number that you must stock.

  1. Select your products

There are huge ranges of products as follows and based on your type of business you can choose from them:

  • Cotton and canvas bags
  • Drawstring bags
  • Insulated bags
  • Laminated woven bags
  • Non-woven bags
  • Recycled bags
  • Reusable grocery and wine bags
  • Ripstop and tee-shirt bags
  • Tradeshow and convention bags
  • Vinyl bags
  1. Track their quantities

If you want to have a seamless inventory then you must track how many bags you are actually using within a certain period of time. Based on that you must create your inventory so that in no case you should stay with overstock and also never go out of stock either.

  1. Restock well before they become out of stock

You must be able to decide your minimum stock level so that as soon as you reach that level you must reorder.