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5 more of the best personal finance tips from the experts

No matter whether you’re young or old, financial stability is something we all strive for. Even the experts look for top tips to help them make the most out of every penny.

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By using advice they’ve accumulated, we’ve compiled a further 5 top personal finance tips the experts want to share with you.
1. Check your credit reports
There are three agencies which hold information about your credit: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. As even small errors can cause major problems, check your credit reports regularly and highlight anything amiss. Although this used to cost money, under the new GDPR laws it’s free to access your credit reports, so there’s no excuse to allow your reports to get into bad shape.
2. Utilise rewards
Many credit companies and even supermarkets offer loyalty rewards. Ensure these are linked to your cards so you can receive the rewards/points on shopping you would be doing anyway and watch those savings add up.

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3. Make your money work for you
Money sat in a cash account is often no better than having cash in your wallet. Although it still has value, you can make this money work much harder by investing it smartly.
Many financial advisors offer a DIY solution to investments, or you could speak to an IFA for a more personal recommendation. Finding one which utilises the best software for financial advisers from should put you in a great position to make your money work hard while you save.
4. Save the notes

Put every £5 note you receive away for a rainy day and watch that pile of cash add up. You could also do this with other amounts of money, just make sure you’re committed!
5. Beware of raises
Although it’s tempting when you get a raise to increase your spending lifestyle, avoiding this temptation can be the key to maximising your savings potential. By keeping to roughly the same lifestyle, your additional income can go straight to ensuring you have a comfortable future.
Final thoughts
“Always save for a rainy day, because nothing lasts forever and nothing stays the same.”
Remember, no matter where you are in life you never know when the next rainy day will hit. Ensure you have sufficient savings for when you need it most.