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The list of important evidence that you will need in a bicycle accident

Falling victim to a bicycle accident is one of the worst things as the injuries in such accidents are very severe and in some cases, you might be confined to bed for many days. But bicycle accidents are not uncommon as they make up 8% of total road accidents. Rushing to the hospital is the first thing which you should do after a bicycle accident as getting the right treatment should be your priority. But if you think that the accident occurred because of the carelessness and ignorance of the other party involved in the accident then you can get compensation for the financial losses.

You should know that if you have suffered any type of financial loss because of the ignorance or carelessness of someone else in an accident, then you can get compensation for it. But the burden of proof while filing a bicycle accident lies on the plaintiff. This is why it becomes necessary for you to know what are the different types of evidence are important for filing a bicycle accident lawsuit.

Medical report

The plaintiff needs to prove that he has suffered injuries due to the accident and it can’t be done by showing your plastered hand or wounds. You will need to get your injury documented by a doctor. As discussed in the outset of the article, everybody goes to a hospital first after an accident and that’s the right thing to do. But instead of just getting the treatment and leaving the hospital without any proof, you should get a medical report of the treatment. This will help you to show the severity of your injury to the court and based on your severity, you can get better compensation.

Photos of the place where the accident took place

If you have a phone with you at the time of the bicycle accident then you should immediately click photos of the place where the accident took place. In addition to this, you should also click the picture of the driver, the vehicle involved in the accident and its number plate. In many cases, the photos of the weather, road conditions, and nearby buildings also act as an important piece of evidence. When you visit a bicycle accident lawyer attorney Miami then the first thing he or she will ask for is the photos of the place where the accident took place.

Police report

Getting the police involved in the accident is a very good idea. If the police will visit the spot then they will document everything and you can use it as a strong piece of evidence while filing the lawsuit. Police report generally contains detailed information about the accident and it can be used to prove many facts of the accident without much effort. Expert accident lawyer attorney Miami always recommends getting the police involved in bicycle accident cases.

Statement of eyewitnesses

If anyone was standing on the roadside when the accident took place, then you can use the statement of that person to build your case stronger. Approach the eyewitnesses and get a written statement from them regarding the accident. In addition to this, you should also note down the contact number, address, and the name of the eyewitnesses.

If someone else is responsible for a bicycle accident then there is no need to suffer any type of financial loss. Using the right tools of law and by hiring a bicycle accident lawyer Miami, you can get the right compensation for the losses that you have suffered.