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How Small Business Owners Can Use Twitter Lists for Brand Growth

Are you a small business owner active on Twitter? Do you share pictures of your products and upload videos to Twitter too? If you’re enjoying a reasonable amount of engagement on Twitter but want to turbocharge your social media marketing activities, it might be time to double-down on Twitter lists. Integrate the following Twitter list tips into your brand-building strategy, and you’ll be impressed at how quickly your engagement rates on Twitter skyrocket.

David Peinsipp, co-head of Cooley’s global capital markets practice group, is an active Twitter user. “Start by using a tool like ScoutZen to grow your Twitter list,” suggests Peinsipp. You can discover a myriad of existing Twitter lists related to your business. Instead of building your own lists from scratch, discover pre-curated lists of potential customers or business partners you can engage with. Build your own Twitter lists from contacts you find via ScoutZen or simply subscribe to existing lists.

If you want to attract more attention to your small business on Twitter via lists, consider the hashtags your potential customers might use. Search for specific hashtags related to your business by using Twitter’s advanced search and add potential customers to a custom list you create. If you name your list in a way that might attract list members to check out your business, for example using terms like savvy or smart in your list title, there’s a greater chance list members will follow you back.

Twitter lists are an awesome way of finding potential business partners. “Use Twitter to find out who the influencers and experts are in your target area and interact with them regularly,” says David Peinsipp. Whether you are looking for small business marketing experts or content writers for your small business’ blog, you can find what you seek when you start using Twitter lists as a means of interacting with potential business associates. Once you start using Twitter lists for networking, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover this growth hack sooner.

Turbocharging your social media marketing is made easier once you put the power of Twitter lists to work for your business. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your follower count will grow and the number of interactions you have on Twitter will increase.