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Dos and Don’ts in Determining Promotional Merchandise for Your Business

You already understand by now the importance of marketing products. If you don’t have them yet, you are way behind your competitors. They might snatch the customers who would have been yours, but they felt like the other companies value them more.

In designing the promotional merchandise, you need to remember a couple of important ideas. Here are some of them.

Do: Always remember your target audience

Just like in creating your products, your focus should be the needs of your target audience. The merchandise needs to be useful to your target audience. It also needs to be trendy. Your goal is to advertise your products, but more significant than that goal is to give something to your target audience that they can use.

Do: Identify the distribution logistics

Aside from determining which products to give away, you also need to know how and when to give them. There are strategies for you to ensure that people will appreciate what you give them. During the holidays, you can send them cards to their mailboxes, along with the promotional products. Everyone loves a gift during the holidays. Another strategy is to give them in public. It would be great if other people also see your kindness so that they will even feel the need to opt for your company. Significant events like trade shows and exhibits are also a good avenue. People come to these events to know more about businesses. They don’t expect to carry home something from you for free.

Don’t: Give something cheap and low quality

If you think of giving something for the sake of giving it, you don’t have to. People will hate what you give them instead of appreciating your kindness. It will feel like you are handing out something cheap because all other companies are giving out free stuff. After receiving the merchandise, they might throw it away, forfeiting the purpose of having it in the first place.

Don’t: Highlight the name of your company too much

There is nothing wrong with using promotional merchandise for advertising as long as you don’t make people feel like they are advertising on your behalf. A shirt that you did not design well, with the massive name of your company in the middle, is a total waste. People will not wear this type of shirt at all. The same thing is true for a mug where the logo of your company covers almost the entire surface. You need the best graphic designer to subtlety include the name of your company, but still, the overall design is impressive.

You may also partner with experts at since they can help you the moment you decide to give promotional merchandise. They will work with you until you come up with the best item to give away. Evaluate the effectiveness of what you gave out, and make changes the next time if you feel like you can do better.