Business Ideas

5 tips to transform your brand and boost your career

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Branding in today’s world is to be yourself. The challenge, however, is how to establish that unique brand for yourself? What values do you stand by? And, most importantly, how to stand out from rest of brands representing similar values? These 5 tips can help you in your journey of self-realization and boost both your brand and career.

1.   Define your brand

Chalk out your strengths. What is it that you do best and how that makes you unique. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will write it for you. Start by creating a professional statement for yourself that speaks of strengths and achievements and the value-addition you bring to the related industry. Although difficult, one great way to establish instant relatability to your professional brand is by creating a brand tagline- a catchy yet relatable phrase that speaks of your skills and how they can empower others.

2.   Elevate your online presence

In today’s digital news and media age of your online presence defines your first impression. When going for an interview, know that the employer has already rummaged your social accounts. The Internet has become a global talent pool, so tidy up all your social accounts and make the most of the features the web offers. On Linkedin for example, you can gather endorsements and recommendations from your past employers to vouch for your skills.

3.   Networking is not negotiable

With every aging second, the world is getting more and more connection, intertwining a web of opportunities that find those who seek. To leverage these growing opportunities, dedicate a certain portion of your attention on building a network. Participate in online discussions and events relevant to your profession. Follow and engage in online discussions held by the influencers in your industry. Start a blog to showcase the knowledge you have on a certain subject. Remember, in today’s digital age, it takes less than a day for someone to get famous.

4.   Learning has no stop button, so stay curious, stay wise

Get mentored by the leaders in your industry. As an aspiring writer, for example, I’m always looking out for free and paid writing contests that are judged by established authors. Similarly, you can engage in talks and forums organized by leaders in your industry. You can also seek professionals who can help you learn new skills, navigate through corporate politics, understand leadership challenges, introduce to new networking circles and offer other extra-terrestrial resources that can empower your business.

5.   Distant your personal and professional life

What seems likes an obvious rule is often seen to be ignored by many leading professional and murdering their profession with personal proverbs. For example, a callous remark against a competitor can rise from the dead just when you least expect it or a ten years old college photo from facebook can get viral with growing fame. To avoid such traps, dial up the privacy setting of all your personal accounts and assess the impact of what you post online.

Having said that, remember to not lose your voice in the influence of others. Live the brand and stay true to your brand statement. This is especially essential once you establish a reputation for yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not to score instant fame. Every interaction or step you take should showcase the value your brand stands by. Finally, while these 5 tips may help you understand yourself better, they aren’t any hard-fast rule. Strive to try new methods and don’t be afraid to fail. As Albert Einstein puts it, “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”