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Starting a Business in Malta as a Foreigner

Doing business abroad can be difficult and challenging. Ensuring you comply with local legislation and maintaining the necessary documents can be more difficult in an unfamiliar environment. However, Malta adapts to the changing needs of the EU’s industries, which makes it easier. With a population of over 436,000, Malta’s primary focus is on knowledge and value-added sectors. The Maltese government is based on business, which makes spending easier. Expand and develop their ideas.

Many of the country’s powers offer the right balance of work-life, from the quality of their human resources and low operational costs to the high quality of life. Malta is a small but developed country located in the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. The key elements that make Malta attractive to investors are the business environment and the tax system that has made Malta a tax haven. The official languages are Italian and English, representing the business environment, tourism, and the benefits of a multilingual workforce in Malta. Our company formation specialist in Malta, when investing in Malta, can help you with other things by dealing with the deserving authorities. You need to fulfill Malta company registry requirements.

Foreign Investment in Malta

Malta’s geographical location attracts foreign investors to the Mediterranean zone and helps business people who want to invest in tourists. Malta is located between Europe and Africa, which makes it a meeting place for different cultures. Below is information about the critical points of Malta that sustain investment in this country.

1-The most attractive factor in Malta is the tax system, which offers many possibilities for companies.

2-Malta has signed taxation agreements with more than 50 countries. These agreements ensure that for-profit companies in Malta are tax-exempt in their home countries.

3-Even if the corporate tax rate is set at 35, the shareholders are taxed at shallow values due to participation.

4-Shareholders demand a refund of 6/7 of the tax on profits, so take the tax up to 5%.

5-Malta is also very attractive to pensioners. The laws give foreign pensioners who pay 15% tax on migrants to Malta, and the capital or income of pensioners in other countries is not subject to tax in Malta.