Ways to Save Money When Using Tote Bags for Advertising

People will appreciate receiving promotional merchandise. Of course, you need to select appropriate items to hand out to your target audience; otherwise, they will find it useless and decide not to use it.

You can choose a tote bag as a promotional product because it is useful. It is also environment-friendly. It helps create a positive image among your target audience as they start seeing you as a company that has concern for the environment.

The only problem is that if you intend to distribute lots of tote bags, you might spend quite a lot. These tips will help you use the tote bags for promotional purposes wisely.

Do not give a bag to everyone

You need to select the people to receive the bags. Not everyone is your target audience anyway. You want to ensure that only those who have a strong chance of purchasing your products receive the promotional merchandise. You can prioritise loyal customers since they are most likely going to buy from you again. You can also hand out these bags during trade shows, especially to those who visit your booth and take the time to find out about your company.

Buy in bulk

You can order the tote bags in quantity from the same company to receive discounts. You will have the chance to design your own tote bag that bears the name and logo of your company. Once you finalise the design, you can send it for printing. Make sure that the company name does not overwhelm the entire bag. It needs to be stylish and creative so that even young people will not hesitate in using it.

Focus on quality

As you start comparing the tote bags, you will realise that some of them are available at a much lower price. It does not mean that you should choose the cheapest option. The cost is quite low because the quality is not that good. You are throwing away your money by choosing this type of bag since people will not appreciate it. You need to stick with high-quality tote bags even if you spend a bit more. You know that people will use the bag and you will accomplish your goal of increasing brand awareness through the promotional merchandise.

Spread the word

You need to inform everyone that you are giving out tote bags for free. You can use your social media pages to disseminate the information. You can even have a special game where the winner receives the best tote bag from the bunch. You might be spending money on this promotional item, but you will also be receiving lots of media attention. The amount you pay to purchase the tote bags will be insignificant as you start considering the free advertising that you receive in return. You also need to show that your business cares for the environment, by using tote bags.

You will spend money on advertising, but when you chose the right platform, it will be worth the cost.