4-Step Plan With Tips For A Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign

Blogger outreach, done well, could very well be the key to the success of your online marketing campaign.  By getting authentic influencers to promote your content, you can reach a greater targeted market, create and build up your brand. Whether you are looking to promote your products, or drive traffic to your own blog and expand your reach, blogger outreach is definitely a strategy worth the investment.

Here is a simple 4-step plan, with tips to get you started off on a successful blogger outreach campaign.

  1. Identify the Right Bloggers

Whatever your niche, identify the A-list of bloggers who are true influencers and whose network you would want to tap into for your own profit. You can use search engines, blogger outreach tools and recommendations from other bloggers in your specific niche. Learn all there is to know about these bloggers.

  1. Get Noticed

After identifying bloggers that you wish to be a part of your campaign, the next step is for you to get on their radar. This is hardly the time to employ subtlety, so go all in and get noticed, because it may take quite some hard work to get the attention you want. For starters, you can leave insightful comments that add value on their blog posts. Consistently sharing their content will definitely put you on their radar.  Be ever proactive and add real value by, say, pointing out links that are broken and/or outdated.

  1. Reach Out

Now that you have their attention, it’s definitely time to make the pitch. Stay simple and be straightforward. You started out this campaign with an endgame in mind, so, ensure that you communicate exactly that when you reach out. Keep it short, keep it simple always. Ensure that your passion is evident in your pitch, because bloggers only ever want to work with someone who believes in what they are doing. That passion is a strong driving force cannot be understated.

Many blogger outreach campaigns fail because they lack personalization. If you do your homework well during the planning stage, you should have no problem using the information gathered to make a personalized pitch. Give the bloggers a genuine experience of your brand.

Timing is crucial when it comes to reaching out to bloggers. An absolute no-no at this point is being pushy. You don’t want to ask too early or become a nuisance by asking too much.

  1. Work On The Relationship

It may have started off as a transactional relationship, but why stop there? Most people fail in the blogger outreach campaigns because they do not invest in staying connected and building relationships with the bloggers they identify for their campaign. Stay in touch through social media and you can even take your relationship offline. With a solid relationship you can partner and do joint projects for your mutual benefit.

With all its inherent benefits, a blogger outreach campaign can truly make your brand, if done right. Industry experts at will work with you and using these and more practical approaches to strategize on and implement a successful blogger outreach campaign for your business.