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Why do you need Antivirus software?

You might have yourselves seen or heard your friends complain that your devices are affected by the virus. Nowadays, there are several ways in which your system may catch a virus. Hence, installing capable antivirus software is gaining more importance. techrrival.com is the website where you can search for anything regarding technology. Most of your queries are likely to be answered reliably and in an understandable format.

Antivirus software can indeed play a role in safeguarding your systems against many cyberattacks to it. One cannot acclaim that the antivirus software shall fight every kind of attack. However, it can act as a protective shield and can help during times when the frauds are trying to intrude into your system, which is very common these days.

There are many reasons as to why installing antivirus software is necessary. Some of these shall be detailed in the following excerpts.

What does antivirus software protect your system from?

There is a common notion that these types of software are used to safeguard devices from viruses. However, that is not entirely true. Although the name indicates it, the software is meant to protect against a variety of other attacks. These are detailed below.

  • Antivirus

As the name indicates, the software is equipped to protect your devices against the hazardous viruses that eat up your computer.

  • Bot protection

There are chances at times when the cybercriminals try to conquer your computer and use it for a multitude of crimes like automatic spamming. The installation of antivirus software helps the user to take necessary precautions against this type of attack.

  • Worm protection

Worms are undesirable substances that are likely to attack more on the network than the computer as such. But in the meantime computers too get affected as these works carry with it malware which has the potential of attacking the computer. This has higher damage potential.

This is one of the main reasons why installing antivirus software becomes necessary.

  • Trojan horses

One cannot distinguish if a downloaded file or program is legitimate or not with antivirus software. But the advantage of keeping one in your device is that whenever an antivirus software detects a malware within a Trojan file, it warns the user against it before many potential attacks occur, thereby safeguarding your system.

  • Spyware

Spywares are software that can steal data or collect user information. The scariest thing is that this illegal activity can occur even if the source has arrived from a legitimate, reputable source.

  • Messaging protection

One of the major media that the frauds resort to nowadays is the messaging. Fraudulent links are sent via e-mail or instant messages. The reason is that there are high chances that the people either knowingly or accidentally click on these links, and then they can manipulate the device or your accounts as per the hacker’s wish.


You might now be convinced of the need to install antivirus software. In the modern world, where cybercrimes are growing in numbers, it is better that you install a capable one in your devices.